The UX Factor: Enhancing Technology Adoption in Healthcare with Jason Long (Episode 8 Part 2)

Our guest today is Jason Long, CEO at Tangent Solutions

Continuing with our mini-series about the Blockers of HealthTech,

We had guest Jason Long, the CEO of Tangent Solutions. In this second part of our engaging conversation, Jason dives into his software development and UX design background, sharing how a strong user experience (UX) can significantly impact the adoption and effectiveness of technology. 

Jason explains how great UX can lead to a 900% return on investment, as evidenced by companies like Airbnb, and discusses the challenges and successes of redesigning a 30-year-old healthcare system.

Catch up on part one of the discussion here

Stay tuned for our next episode!

Guest Bio

Jason Long is a serial problem solver and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in business building. His ventures range from agriculture to healthcare with a focus on web-based technology. He has extensive experience in software development and has operated as a developer, UX designer, graphic designer, project manager, director, executive coach, and CEO. Jason is also an experienced world traveler who regularly visits destinations worldwide, and is passionate about community growth, social issues, fitness, and family.

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