Determine whether a patient needs a PA with eligibility verification & prior authorization software

Use seeQer’s eligibility verification and prior authorization software to determine if a PA is required for patient treatment. This is determined based on payor guidelines and datasets of standard medical codes, compared against intelligence from our proprietary databases.


Always know if a prior authorization is needed before treatment

When you know if prior authorization is required, you can reduce admin time, streamline patient care, and improve revenue—all while ensuring patients get the treatment or medication they need.

Client Issues
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Delayed Treatment

If a patient needs a specialized medication or treatment, there can be delays to receiving it without prior authorization.

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Prior Auth Requirement Visibility

seeQer quickly tells you whether or not a prior authorization is needed before the patient can begin treatment, and likelihood of PA approval.


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A man and woman looking at a computer screen sending data to careviso to verify patient health insurance information and benefits.

Eligibility & Discovery

Send case data to careviso to verify your patient’s health insurance information and benefits.

A physician and patient discuss details about coverage, cost, and prior authorization requirements.

Patient Cost Responsibility

Receive coverage, cost, and prior authorization requirements based on data from multiple databases.

A careviso team member works efficiently on the prior authorization processing.

Prior Authorization Processing

Eliminate manual effort and cut down on admin time when your prior authorization is processed in real time.

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