Every day we automate the impossible.

At careviso (formerly CMT Solutions), we believe everyone deserves transparent access to quality healthcare. The seeQer platform is how we help facilitate that access. seeQer helps patients make informed, empowered decisions about their care, and gives providers more time to focus on that care by cutting down on the administrative burden.

If efficiency sounds impossible, think again—we’re making it possible through automation, and we’re redefining healthcare transparency in the process.


These are the values that drive us forward.

A physician providing reassurance by holding a patient's hand during medical consultation.
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Empowered Patients

seeQer provides valuable information and enables a proactive experience by facilitating treatment plans with alternate options and financial implications. That insight empowers both patients and providers to make confident, informed decisions.

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Streamlined Workflow

The cutting-edge seeQer platform simplifies and accelerates prior authorizations. This reduces administrative burden and costs for healthcare providers while enabling patients to confidently navigate a complex healthcare system.

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Dedicated Support 

When you sign up for seeQer, a Customer Success team is assigned to you to provide customized solutions backed by data analytics, a full understanding of your specific needs, and the support of multiple teams across the organization.

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Continuous Improvement

We’re constantly improving our technology to capture cutting-edge developments and a wider scope of services and automation. We partner with the latest technology companies to bring you a full-service platform that grows with your changing needs.

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Compliant Technology

Our systems and controls meet SOC 2® criteria based on security, privacy, process, integrity, confidentiality, and availability. All providers must sign a BAA during enrollment, and all careviso staff are vetted and receive thorough security and HIPAA training.

INVESTORS - Invest in the future of healthcare transparency

We are a growing company in an industry that will always require transparent, patient-centered communication. We seek to partner with those that share our mission.

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