Health Tech Perspectives Pt 4: The Patient Experience

Healthtech Perspectives Podcast: careviso podcast on the often murky waters of healthcare costs and patient experiences.
HealthTech Perspectives continues on with the Patient Perspective (and a POV that is highly relatable). We delve into the often murky waters of healthcare costs and patient experiences.

Shockingly, while 95% of individuals believe healthcare providers should disclose costs upfront, only 17% actually receive estimates. This discrepancy highlights a significant gap in the current healthcare system.

Yet, amidst these challenges, there are glimmers of hope. Some healthcare segments, such as dentistry, have adopted practices of providing upfront cost estimates, setting a precedent for transparency in the industry. However, these practices are not yet widespread, leaving many patients in the dark about their financial obligations until after treatment.

We also explore:
  • Incentivizing patients to engage with transparent healthcare platforms
  • The potential role of third-party patient navigators
  • The ongoing efforts to improve transparency and affordability in healthcare

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