February 2024 Newsletter

A physician helps a patient to make an informed decision about their care.
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February Updates
Check out how careviso fits into the tangled U.S. healthcare system.

It's no secret that the United States healthcare system is hard to navigate for both providers and patients. Our blog dives deep into the complexities of the landscape and shares more about the work we do.  

We are now offering seeQer for procedures! Contact us today.

While seeQer was initially created for laboratory diagnostics, our product today can be used for both laboratory testing and medical procedures.

seeQer verifies insurance eligibility/benefits, determines network status, determines PA requirements, predicts coverage, and generates the patient out of pocket cost. Contact us for a demo today!

Similarly, our blog speaks to how we're expanding beyond laboratory diagnostics.

For more information on our expansion beyond the laboratory diagnostic space, read our blog! As we've grown as a company, so has our product. seeQer can be used across different specialties and areas of healthcare, and we're excited to continue our evolution.

Industry News

seeQer, our transparency platform    

seeQer can now be used for medical procedures!

Reach out for more information and a demo of our product.

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