Improving Healthcare Efficiency with seeQer EHR Integration

Over the past 4 years that seeQer has been helping provide financial transparency to our clients, one piece of feedback has been consistent: “this is a great tool, but can it work with my existing EHR workflow?”

To enhance our user’s experiences, careviso has collaborated with Shadowbox to provide a smooth data entry experience with several EHR systems. This integration simplifies tasks without the need for manual entry, ensuring a more efficient and accurate workflow. 

The Benefits of seeQer EHR Integration
  • Effortless Workflow Integration: Connecting directly to your existing EHR, seeQer’s integration process is designed to be seamless. Experience a smoother operational workflow and minimize disruptions. 
  • Simplified Data Entry: Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of manual data entry. This integration streamlines the process, allowing your team to allocate more time towards patient care. 
  • Improved Data Accuracy: Data accuracy is critical in healthcare. By integrating with your EHR, seeQer retrieves information directly from the patient’s chart, reducing errors and contributing to better results.  
  • Ensured HIPAA Compliance: We understand the importance of confidentiality in healthcare. seeQer’s EHR integration is fully HIPAA compliant, ensuring that patient data is handled with privacy and security.
Ready to Explore?
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If you’re interested in exploring seeQer’s EHR integration or would like more information about the EHRs that are compatible with this integration, please reach out to our team.

careviso aims to simplify healthcare processes through innovative technology solutions. Embrace a more efficient and accurate workflow today! 

About careviso

careviso is a healthcare technology company supporting everyone involved in diagnostic testing. We created a proprietary platform for payors, physicians, and laboratories that improves patient care through streamlined workflows. By automating the impossible we’re solving the most complex problems in the healthcare industry: prior authorizations and financial transparency.

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