Introducing careviso: CMT Solutions Unveils New Brand Identity

Falls Church, VA – August 9, 2022 –

CMT Solutions, a healthcare technology company and market leader in molecular diagnostic patient access (“the Company”), today announced that it has rebranded to careviso. The rebranding, which includes a new name, logo, and creative assets, reflects the growth of the Company’s services and product offerings and its goal to help usher in a new, innovative vision for its crucial role in healthcare.

The healthcare community has long been crippled by the process of handling prior authorizations, specifically for lab testing, inadvertently reducing the focus on patient care and creating unnecessary burdens for physicians and their staff. As the medical field continues to rapidly innovate, medical professionals increasingly need turnkey solutions to help manage their evolving landscape.

Founded upon the mission of improving healthcare transparency and access, careviso’s technology platform delivers real-time cost estimates, administrative requirements, and approvals, supporting providers, payors, labs, and patients alike. Since 2017, the Company has sustained substantial growth, providing solutions for over 1,000,000 patients and over 120,000 physicians, and has since expanded beyond just support for prior authorizations.

The Company’s proprietary technology solutions aim to help healthcare professionals navigate the complexities of diagnostic testing and improve the patient care experience. The technology platform is called seeQer, which provides Advanced Explanation of Benefits, screening insurance eligibility, and compilation of a good faith estimate distributable to providers and patients, and will automatically flow into a prior authorization workflow if needed.  

“As we embark on the next phase of our business, careviso remains committed to delivering innovative, simple and effective solutions to the healthcare community, while placing patient care at the forefront,” said Andrew Mignatti, Co-Founder and CEO of careviso. “Our new name embraces bringing the care back into healthcare, combined with the vision for how our company can fulfill its important role in doing so.”

About careviso:

careviso is a healthcare technology company. We solve the problems for the biggest obstacles in healthcare: prior authorizations and financial transparency.  Our technology platform increases patient access to care by delivering cost estimates, administrative requirements and approvals in real time. We began with a laboratory focused approach to patient access and built a sustainable solution that efficiently navigates the complex landscape involving payors, laboratories, physicians, and the patient. Our mission is to support patients and providers with access to healthcare. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Northern Virginia, with an operations center in Orlando, Florida.

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