Technical Solutions to Problems in Healthcare

A lot of problems in healthcare are really data problems at their core. Without the timely exchange and processing of clean, accurate data, it’s impossible to drive price transparency and access to care at scale. Often times, healthcare data is extremely complex, messy, incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated. There’s an axiom you’ve probably heard regarding data processing: Garbage In, Garbage Out (GIGO). 

At careviso, we take a different approach: we believe in the power of data. Data is at the core of every problem we’re trying to solve. As messy as healthcare data is, it’s incredibly valuable, especially when applying the right data processing techniques, such as: 

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  • Data mining: the process of sorting through large data sets to identify patterns and relationships
  • Data profiling: the process of examining, analyzing, and reviewing data to understand its characteristics
  • Data analysis: the process of examining data sets to find trends and draw conclusions
  • Data modeling: the process of creating visual representations of data flows and trends
  • Data normalization: the organization of data to appear similar across all records and fields

By putting your data “coal” under the right pressure, you can mine data “diamonds” and leverage the true power of advanced analytics, AI, and Machine Learning to uncover additional insights. 

Real-time Benefits Discovery

At careviso, we have found that in even our best-case scenario, over 10% of our patient data is inaccurate due to outdated benefits information, incorrect spelling, or incorrect date of birth. To minimize these inaccuracies, careviso has integrated with multiple AI-enabled solutions to provide real time benefits discovery, which ensures we have the correct member and benefits information at the right time. Helping integrate with different solutions will also increase accuracy while decreasing administrative burden. This allows us to truly unlock the promise of price transparency and access to care at scale. 

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About careviso

careviso is a healthcare technology company supporting everyone involved in diagnostic testing. We created a proprietary platform for payors, physicians, and laboratories that improves patient care through streamlined workflows. By automating the impossible we’re solving the most complex problems in the healthcare industry: prior authorizations and financial transparency.

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