Virtual Price Transparency and No Surprises Act Summit

careviso was honored to sponsor the Third Virtual National Health Care Transparency and No Surprises Act Summit, held from April 16th to 19th, 2024. The event brought together industry leaders, policymakers, innovators, providers, and stakeholders to delve into the evolving landscape of healthcare transparency in the United States.

Throughout the summit, attendees listened to plenary sessions that ignited thought-provoking discussions and five distinct tracks: Policy, Innovation, Provider, Technology, and Employer/Health Plan, each offering unique insights and perspectives.

The overarching theme of the summit centered around the transformative impact of price transparency on the US healthcare ecosystem, with a spotlight on three pivotal legislative acts passed in the last 4 years: Hospital Price Transparency, Transparency in Coverage, and the No Surprises Act. These legislative endeavors were designed to work in tandem, fostering a more transparent and consumer-centric healthcare environment.

While the summit celebrated the strides made in compliance with these laws, it also shed light on the challenges that persist. Despite the implementation of price transparency measures, the anticipated reduction in healthcare costs remains elusive. Panelists underscored the importance of continued efforts to enhance transparency and foster greater competition within the industry. 9 out of 10 Americans support price transparency and believe they should know the prices of healthcare before they receive it. Patient experiences were highlighted in many of the talks, as it was acknowledged that most attendees could relate to someone they know having to deal with an unexpected medical bill or service that they were not sure if they could financially support.  

One of the summit's highlights was the participation of executives from various sectors, including industry, government, health plans, and education. The backgrounds to the different healthcare bills were discussed, along with recent updates to them that will be going into effect. Machine Readable Files (MRF) came up many times throughout the summit. While it was acknowledged that the hospitals and payors are now complying with the MRFs being publicly available, they are not meant to be consumer friendly. The MRFs are becoming even more standardized beginning in July of 2024, based on feedback from industry and healthcare providers.  

As part of the Technology track, our CEO, Andrew Mignatti, had the privilege of showcasing our latest innovation: seeQer. This groundbreaking price transparency tool empowers consumers with real-time access to advanced explanations of benefits for healthcare services. seeQer represents a significant step forward in our mission to democratize healthcare information and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare needs.

The Third Virtual National Health Care Transparency and No Surprises Act Summit was a testament to the collective commitment to advancing healthcare transparency in the United States. While challenges persist, the summit served as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, laying the groundwork for a more transparent, equitable, and sustainable healthcare future.

At careviso, we remain committed in our dedication to driving positive change in the healthcare landscape, and we look forward to continuing this journey with our partners and stakeholders.

About careviso:  

careviso is a healthcare technology company. We created a complete technology platform that increases patient access to care by delivering cost estimates, administrative requirements, and approvals in real time. careviso began with a laboratory focused approach and has expanded to serve a wider population in healthcare. Our mission is to support patients, providers, and payors with total access to healthcare. By automating the impossible we’re able to solve the most complex problems in the healthcare industry in real-time: prior authorizations and financial transparency.

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