Enhancing Patient Experience by Integrating Technology and Hub Services

Understanding Hub Services: Comprehensive Patient Support

In healthcare, hub services simplify patient journeys through the complex world of specialty pharmaceuticals, easing the burden on patients who must engage in therapy. From navigating insurance intricacies to providing crucial resources, this sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring patients receive the support they need, in situations where time is of the essence.  

The hub services industry is expansive, reflecting the growing demand for personalized patient care. Pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and specialized service providers collaborate to deliver comprehensive support to patients who need specialty medication to treat their condition or disease. This industry encompasses many functions, including benefits investigation, prior authorization support, financial assistance programs, medication adherence support, and ongoing patient education.

At its core, hub services prioritize patient-centric care. Through timely access to medications and support resources, patients can start and adhere to their treatment plans, leading to better satisfaction and health outcomes in the long term.

Enhance patient experience and speed up lengthy wait times

With nearly half of specialty medications covered under a patient’s medical benefits, not pharmacy benefits, it proves difficult for hub services to find the right information to get patients on therapy. A large piece of the puzzle is benefits verification, which helps patients understand what their insurance covers. This in particular can be a lengthy process for hub services, which is why careviso has created an electronic medical benefits verification (eMed BV) solution.  

By automating the verification of insurance coverage and eligibility, careviso helps eliminate manual processes and reduces administrative burden for hub services. This solution is equipped with comprehensive, real-time, and accurate insights pulled from our proprietary databases, making seeQer a solution our customers feel confident using.  

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