Health Tech Company, careviso, Launches Electronic Medical Benefits Verification for Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Falls Church, VA – June 4, 2024 –

Healthcare technology company, careviso, announces its expansion into electronic medical benefits verification (e-Med BV) for specialty pharmaceuticals to optimize and enhance patient’s access to therapy and innovate patient care.

With the growing number of patients requiring specialty therapy under the medical benefit portion of their health plans, careviso aims to meet this demand through its enhanced e-Med BV solution, seeQer. This new service streamlines the medical benefits verification process, reducing the administrative workload for healthcare providers and enabling quicker patient access to necessary treatments.

As the specialty pharmaceutical market is projected to reach $505 billion by 2024, and with an expected growth of 8% per year, there is an increasing demand for efficient verification solutions to manage these high-cost treatments. In response to this growth, careviso has already entered into agreements with numerous pharmaceutical patient support services (hub services) companies to help increase access to specialty pharmaceuticals that fall under medical benefit programs. These partnerships are instrumental in ensuring patients receive the timely and necessary treatments they need.

For patients needing therapy to treat their conditions, timely access to the right therapy is crucial. Healthcare providers can now benefit from careviso’s advanced technology solutions, allowing patients to start their essential therapies sooner.

Andrew Mignatti, careviso's Co-Founder and CEO, expressed, “Expanding into electronic medical benefits verification marks a significant step forward in achieving our mission of delivering healthcare transparency. We are excited to bring seeQer to this new market and improve patient access to care.”

For media inquiries or more information about careviso, please contact:  

7600 Leesburg Pike, Suite 220 East  
Falls Church, VA 22043

About careviso:

careviso is a healthcare technology company that operates in two of the fastest-growing industries: genetic testing and specialty pharmaceuticals. By automating complex processes, careviso solves real-time healthcare challenges related to financial transparency and prior authorizations. The company’s comprehensive technology platform increases patient access to care by providing real-time cost estimates, administrative requirements, and approvals. Starting with a laboratory-focused approach, careviso’s mission is to support everyone involved in healthcare. Learn more at

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