careviso’s Year in Review 2023: Powering Transparency and Embracing Growth

As 2023 comes to a close, careviso takes a moment to reflect on a year filled with milestones, challenges, and above all, a commitment to powering transparency in healthcare. Our journey has been marked by innovation, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit to achieve our mission. Let’s dive into the highlights that shaped our transformative year!

Celebrating 5 Years of Excellence 

In February, we celebrated our 5-year anniversary as a company. It was great to acknowledge the journey we’ve undertaken to redefine transparency in healthcare.  

Unveiling our New Motto: Powering Transparency 
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In addition to our anniversary, we proudly launched our new tagline, “Powering Transparency.” This phrase encapsulates our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare by providing unparalleled transparency and efficiency. 

Team and Leadership Growth

careviso experienced substantial growth in 2023, both in team size and leadership. Brandon Blais, our new Chief Technology Officer, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to drive technological advancements. Additionally, the addition of Steven Horowitz to our Board of Directors contributes strategic insights, helping us navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape. 

A Year of Conferences and Connections 

We believe in staying at the forefront of industry developments. Throughout the year, our team took part in key conferences, including ViVE, DxCon, Executive War College, ACOG, HIMSS, Q1 Diagnostics Coverage & Reimbursement, HLTH, ASCO, and CXO. These events provided us with opportunities to learn, share, and foster connections with industry leaders. 

seeQer platform technology enhancements 

careviso’s commitment to streamlining healthcare is reflected in the continuous enhancement of our platform. We are proud to have partnered with numerous technology partners that seamlessly integrate with seeQer. We most recently launched Discovery as part of our seeQer platform.  

Along with our platform enhancements, we navigated the complexities of working with the public machine-readable files from health plans and hospitals. While this was no easy feat, we’ve made huge strides in simplifying this data, allowing this information to be used more easily and effectively.

Looking Forward 

Our commitment to powering transparency, embracing innovation, and collaborating with industry leaders defines our journey. Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities that 2024 will bring. Thank you to our team, clients, and partners for being an integral part of our success. Together, we are redefining healthcare for a brighter and more transparent future. 


careviso is a healthcare technology company. By automating the impossible we’re able to solve the most complex problems in the healthcare industry in real-time: prior authorizations and financial transparency. careviso created a complete technology platform that increases patient access to care by delivering cost estimates, administrative requirements and approvals in real time. careviso began with a laboratory focused approach, and our mission is to support patients, providers, and payors with total access to healthcare.

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